IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar, 5th place at the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition in 2019. 

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(updated November 4, 2019)

Our review of chapter one of Mike Pulcinella’s video series Raising the Bar 4 begins with this update. See http://www.bodybuildingreviews.net/vidreviews/RaisingTheBarSeries.html.

We are updating our bodybuilding reviews, starting with Repetrope/USA Muscle’s 1998 USA backstage posing, now available on DVD. See   http://www.bodybuildingreviews.net/vidreviews/rep98USAbackstage.html.

Post-Olympia professional competitions, most of them with pro qualifiers, have come thick and fast. For score cards, see https://www.ifbbpro.com/category/all-categories/results/

Winners of IFBB Professional League shows are qualified to compete at Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend in Las Vegas on September 11-12, 2020. Tickets go on sale November 29. See https://mrolympia.com/

Roelly Winklaar (Netherlands) won the Men’s Pro Bodybuilding division at the 2019 Yamamoto Pro Cup in Padova, Italy, on September 22. Breon Ansley (USA) won in Pro Classic Men’s Physique. Carlos DeOliveira (USA) won in Pro Men’s Physique. Laralei Chapados (Canada) won in Pro Bikini. The contest promoter was Gian Enrico Pica. For scorecards, see https://www.ifbbpro.com/all-categories/results/2019-yamamoto-pro-cup-scorecards/ For a video of the finals, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RHJgb5chmo

Nathan DeAsha (UK) won the Men’s Pro Bodybuilding division at the 2019 MonsterZym Pro show in Seoul, Korea, on October 20. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan) won in Men’s Pro 212. Sara Choi (Korea) won in Pro Bikini. The contest organizer was Steve Kim. For scorecards, see https://www.ifbbpro.com/all-categories/results/2019-monsterzym-pro-scorecards/  For photos of all competitors and comparisons, see http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2019/ifbb_monsterzym_pro/

Cedric McMillan (USA) won the Men’s Pro Bodybuilding division at the 2019 IFBB Professional League Wings of Strength Romania Muscle Fest Pro, held in Bucharest on November 3. Monia Gioiosa (Italy) won in Women’s Pro Bodybuilding. Angel Calderon (Spain) won in Pro Men’s 212. Wesley Vissers (Netherlands) won in Pro Classic Physique. Andrei Lincan (UK) won in Pro Men’s Physique. Valentina Mishina (Russia) won in Pro Women’s Physique. Maryam Bamdad (Canada) won in Pro Figure. Noora Mahonen (Finland) won in Pro Bikini. Tim Gardner Productions promoted the show, which included a pro qualifier. For pictures of winners and an overview, see https://www.evolutionofbodybuilding.net/cedric-mcmillan-continues-his-dominance-in-romania/ For scorecards, see https://www.ifbbpro.com/all-categories/results/2019-romania-pro-scorecards/



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