NPC Masters Nationals 2006
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OVER 40 DIVISION (Continued)

Lawrence Hunt (over-40 light-heavyweight, 1st
  Dale Hicks (over-40 light-heavyweight, 2nd
  Donald Bridgers, Jr. (over-40 light-
heavyweight, 3rd place)
  Everett Baker III (over-40 light-heavyweight,
4th place)


Mark Anderson (over-40 light-heavyweight, 5th place)   Bruce Glaudi
(over-40 light-heavyweight, 6th place)
  Zuhir Gazawneh
(over-40 light-heavyweight, 7th place)
  Ken Andress (over-40 light-heavyweight, 8th place)


Light-Heavyweights: 8 total

Lawrence Hunt  Great lines, a complete build with great abs, legs and arms.  Solid posing, just excellent all around.  1st place

Dale Hicks  He was 6th lightheavy at the USA in '04.  Ripped and thick build, strong everywhere, with strong abs, legs, back, chest -- you name it.  Can pose and then some.  2nd place

Donald Bridgers, Jr.  He was 2nd lightheavy at the Junior Nationals in '02.  Tight torso with solid pecs, V back, abs (which he rolls), and strong posing.  3rd place

Everett Baker III  Solid shape, and a good poser.  4th place

Mark Anderson  Solid arms and glutes, thick legs, and tight overall.  Posing could step up.  5th place

Bruce Glaudi  Tight build, with good abs, chest and arms.  All torso.  6th place 

Zuhir Gazawneh  Thick arms and back, nice overall look.  7th place

Ken Andress  He won the over-40 masters title at the NPC Pennsylvania show earlier this year.  Has a nice look, with some tightness.  8th place

Over-40 Light-Heavyweight overall top five (from left: Anderson, Bridgers, Hunt, Hicks, Baker)


John Cutri (over-40 heavyweight, 1st place, & won overall show, qualifying for a pro card)


Mark Antonek (over-40 heavyweight, 2nd place)   Gus Carter (over-40 heavyweight, 3rd place)   Dave Pulcinella (over-40 heavyweight, 4th place)


Mike Hanlon (over-40 heavyweight, 5th place)   Mark Bettencourt (over-40 heavyweight, 6th place)


Tony Jones (over-40 heavyweight, 8th place)     Scott Cohen (over-40 heavyweight, 9th place) Joe Ladnier (over-40 heavyweight, 10th place)


Jean Claude Desardouin (over-40 heavyweight, 11th place)   Clyde Perry (over-40 heavyweight 12th place)   Jonathan White (over-40 heavyweight, 13th place)   Mark Sangiuliano (over-40 heavyweight, 14th place)


Richard Perard (over-40 heavyweight, 7th place)   Jimmy Williams (over 40
heavyweight, 16th place)


Maurice May
(over-40 heavyweight, unranked)
  Ronald Benson (over-40 heavyweight,
  Kevin Baynham (over-40
heavyweight, unranked)


Heavyweights: 21 total

John Cutri  Solid all over, with outstanding hamstrings, shoulders, back, pecs, arms, and a killer double biceps pose.  Poses well, but doesn't look like he enjoys doing it.  1st place and overall over-40s winner, earning an IFBB pro card.

Mark Antonek  Solid and thick, strong in the glutes, shoulders, abs, with a V back.  Poses well, including a vacuum pose.  2nd place

Gus Carter  A freak.  Great arms, traps, legs, with a great crab pose.  His upper body dominates his build.  3rd place, same as last year.

Dave Pulcinella  He took his masters class at the North American in '05.  A complete build, with strong back, arms, abs and legs. Excellent poser, shaking out his arms as he goes.  I had him higher.  4th place

Mike Hanlon  Tight, complete build, with strong arms, legs, V back with Christmas tree, abs.  Poses well.  5th place

Mark Bettencourt  He took the Contra Costa masters show in '05.  He's short for this class, so he's very thick.  Good arms and legs, with a nice crab pose.  6th place

Richard Perard  He placed in the top five lightheavies in the Nationals from 1993 to 1995.  Very solid build, with a huge V back, great arms, a terrific look.  Can pose too.  I had him higher but it was a deep class.  7th place

Tony Jones  Huge competitor with great shoulders, arms, back, like Montel with muscles.  Legs cost him some.  8th place for the third time in a row here.

Scott Cohen  He's won the masters show recently at the Atlantic States and New York Metro contests.  Short and thick, with good legs and a V back.  9th place

Joe Ladnier  Powerlifter turned bodybuilder, so he's very thick in the chest and shoulders.  Great neck, arms, legs, terrific look.  He had his sponsor's "A" logo (for Animal Pak) tattooed on his upper back.  10th place

Jean Claude Desardouin  A long-time competitor at the Team Universe.  Has thickness and size, with good hams.  11th place

Clyde Perry  He competed in the USA in the early '90s.  Has size, solid arms.  Missed his peak this time.  12th place

Jonathan White  Fourth lightheavy at the North American masters in '05.  Good size, with solid arms and abs.  Scary look.  13th place

Mark Sangiuliano  Has done this show for three years, getting top five in the heavies in '03 and '05.  He projected well, with solid arms, pecs, and V back, but needed legs.  14th place

Gino Snyder  He was 14th in the light-heavies here last year.  He's big, with good legs, glutes, and excellent arms.  A great crab pose.  Should have been higher.  15th place

Jimmy Williams  He won his class at the Southern USA in '03, and has done this show for three years running, getting 9th heavy in '04.  He's got a good look, especially his abs.  He's 5'11", doesn't look thick at his weight, and (like so many others) needs better legs.  16th place

Unranked: Kevin Baynham, Terry Parsons, Maurice Mays, Miguel Perez-Martinez, Ronald Benson

Over-40 heavyweights, prejudging (left to right: Carter, Cutri, Antonek)


Rodney Davis (1st place, over-40 super-
  Doug Dolphin (2nd place, over-40 super-heavyweights)   Marcus Hudson (3rd place, over-40 super-


Mike Horn (4th place, over-40 super-
  Ted Tenzlinger (5th place, over-40
  Milton James (6th place, over-40 super-


Mike Patton (7th place, over-40
  Tony Racanelli (8th place, over-40 super-
  Randy Rettinger (9th place, over-40


Tony McKinney (10th place, over-40
  Gani Walee (11th place, over-40


Super-Heavyweights: 11 total

Rodney Davis  He had it all: size, conditioning, huge shoulders, thick pecs, strong arms, great legs, washboard abs, tight waist.  A good poser as well.  1st place and over-40s runner-up, earning a pro card (although he did the USA the following week, placing 4th in the supers). 

Doug Dolphin   Big but not thick due to his tall stature.  Took 3rd in this class last year.  Has strong abs and a nice look.  2nd place

Marcus Hudson  A true beast, the freakiest competitor at this and last year's show.  Huge, with strong arms, shoulders, quads, and a terrific poser.  Looks scary, but very pleasant offstage. Took 2nd in the supers last year, and I had him higher this year.  3rd place

Mike Horn  The 5th super last year at this show.  He had the widest shoulders of any competitor this year, with a great back and abs.  His upper body dominates his build.  Posing could come up.  4th place

Ted (Theodore) Tenzlinger  Has nice shape, with strong abs and arms.  Starts with "The Thinker" pose, and does several lunges (kneeling poses).  5th place

Milton James  He was 3rd masters heavy at the North American in '05.  Big, with strong pecs.  6th place

Mike Patton  His fifth straight time to do this show.  He was in the top five in his class from '02 to '04.  Had shape, size, and solid abs, but needed conditioning.  Poses well.  7th place

Tony (Antonio) Racanelli  He was in the top 15 supers at the '04 Junior Nationals.  He has a nice look and moves well, with solid abs.  Needs legs and size.  8th place

Randy Rettinger  Big, thick, with solid arms and crab pose.  Could use legs and better moves.  9th place

Tony McKinney  Has size, with nice pecs, arms and posing.  10th place

Ghani Walee  Big and tall, with good abs and pecs.  Had a mohawk haircut.  11th place

Top 5 over-40 superheavyweights (left to right: Tenzlinger, Hudson, Davis, Dolphin, Horn)

Over-40 Overall

Over-40 Overall (finals, left to right: Contest promoter Gary Udit, Rodney Davis, John Cutri, Jim Manion, and two
trophy presenters from contest sponsors)

Mike Emery

July 2006

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