NPC Masters Nationals 2006
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James Hemminger (1st place, over-50 lightweight)   James Seger (2nd place, over-50 lightweights)   David Weinstock (3rd place, over-50 lightweights)

3 total

James Hemminger  See the over-40 lightweights, where he crossed.  1st place

James Seger  Tight and conditioned, with nice abs.  Can move well.  2nd place

David Weinstock  He took the over-50 win at the Southern States in '05.  Has a nice look and tight legs.  Does a lunging archer pose.  3rd place.

Over-50 lightweight class (left to right: Weinstock, Seger, Hemminger)


Randy Leppala (1st place, over-50
middleweights), also first place, over-40 welterweights
  Floyd Pennington (2nd place, over-50
  Robert Caltabiano (3rd place, over-50


David Crawley (4th place, over-50
  Dave Tuttle  (5th place, over-50
  Gary Wilson (6th place, over-50


Randy Snodgrass (7th place, over-50
middleweight, crossed to over-40
middleweights, where he took 13th)
  Curtis Bradham (8th place, over-50
  Larry Morton (9th place, 50s


Middleweights: 9 total

Randy Leppala  See the over-40 welterweights, where he crossed.  1st place

Floyd Pennington  Solid and thick, with strong abs, glutes, shoulders, and arms. Nice look.  2nd place

Robert Caltabiano  My favorite middleweight in the NPC, at his all-time best.  Ripped, vascular, solid, strong everywhere.  He brought down the roof posing to "Fight for Your Right to Party" ("Now your mom threw away your best porno mag!").  I had him higher.  3rd place

David Crawley  Solid pecs, arms, moves well, and does that Arnold side chest pose, holding his arms out in front of him.  4th place

Dave Tuttle  Energetic poser, with good arms (especially triceps) and abs.  Enjoys himself onstage.  5th place

Gary Wilson  Nice look, with strong arms.  6th place

Randy Snodgrass  See the over-40 middleweights, where he crossed.  7th place

Curtis Bradham  Took 3rd in the over-40 middles at this show in '00.  Has a nice look, strong abs, baseball biceps, and can move.  8th place

Larry Morton  Nice look, with some tightness.  9th place

50s middleweight finals (left to right: Tuttle, Caltabiano, Leppala, Pennington, Crawley)


James Hampton (1st place, over-50
  James Jerris (2nd place, over-50 light-
  Quin Kessler (3rd place, over-50


James Mobley (4th place, over-50 light-
  William Dauber (5th place, over-50
  Gary Kamil (6th place, over-50 light-


Light-Heavyweights: 7 total

James Hampton  Ripped to shreds, great lines, striated every which way, he looked like a freaky Mark Wahlberg.  And this year he even had a tan.  1st place and overall 50s winner, earning a pro card. 

James Jerris  Tight build, with solid arms, abs, and a signature side chest pose.  He took 2nd in this class last year.  2nd place

Quin Kessler  Greatly improved over last year, when he took 4th in this class.  Thick everywhere, he had great arms, legs, back, chest, and posed well, with sharp moves.  Terrific look.  I had him higher.  3rd place

James Mobley  He's all shoulders, so he's wide from the back as well.  His needs to speed up a slow routine.  4th place

William Dauber  Tight build, with a V back and ripped in the finals.  Won a tiebreaker with the next competitor.  5th place

Gary Kamil  He was in the over-40 heavies last year, but turned 50 and shifted up.  Has barndoor shoulders, strong abs, arms, back, and can pose.  I had him higher.  6th place

Douglas Moore  He had size, doing a one-arm pushup during his routine.  7th place

Over-50 light-heavyweight finals (left to right: Mobley, Kessler, Hampton, Jerris, Dauber)


Ron Cetovick (over-50 heavyweight, 1st place)   Don Willes (over-50 heavyweight, 2nd place)   Warren Honeycutt (over-50 heavyweight, 3rd place)


Paul Lanzino (over-50 heavyweight, 4th place)   Jack Friend (over-50 heavyweight, 5th place)   Michael Ferguson (over-50 heavyweights, 6th place)


Clinton Hayes (over-50 heavyweights, 7th
  Richard Krieger (over-50
heavyweights, 8th place)
  Brian O'Halloran (over-50
heavyweight, 9th place)


Tom Doyle (over-50 heavyweights, 10th place)   John Kempka (over-50,
heavyweights 11th place)
  Ron Maseth (over-50 heavyweight, 12th place)


Heavyweights: 12 total

Ron Cetovick  An extraordinary transformation over his '04 and '05 appearances here.  He upgraded everything, got bigger, came in ripped to the bone, improved his posing, and took no prisoners.  He shocked a lot of people, including me.  1st place

Don Willes  Solid, with great abs, arms, legs, glutes, traps, and a V back, pounding on his abs at one point.  2nd place

Warren Honeycutt  A veteran of this show, he came in solid, with good arms and abs.  His jerky posing style didn't work.  3rd place

Paul Lanzino  Another veteran of this show, he was tight, had a V back, solid arms and abs.  Won a tiebreaker over the next competitor.  4th place

Jack Friend  Returning from last year, he's solid, with strong triceps, legs, V back, and hits poses well.  I had him higher.  5th place

Michael Ferguson  Another veteran of this show, he had a tight build, a little lanky for his tall stature.  6th place 

Clinton Hayes  Thick chest, strong legs and back, moves well and rolls his abs.  Won a tiebreaker with the next competitor.  I had him higher.  7th place

Richard Krieger  Mr. Abs.  He was solid and posed well, with a nice look.  8th place

Brian O'Halloran  Great lean look, V back, conditioned, posed well.  I had him higher.  9th place

Tom Doyle  He was 3rd masters heavy at the Southern States in '99.  Had solid arms here.  10th place

John Kempka  Took the over-50 division at the NPC Pennsylvania masters show earlier this year.  He had striated pecs and arms.  11th place

Ron Maseth  He had arms.  12th place

Over-50 Heavyweight top five (starting at left: Friend, Honeycutt, Cetovick, Willes, Lanzino)


Ronnie Smith (over-50 super-heavyweight, only
one in class)


Super-Heavyweights: 1 total

Ronnie Smith  1st place

Over 50, Overall

Over-50 overall (from left: Smith, Cetovick, Hampton, Leppala, Hemminger)


Mike Emery

July 2006

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