NPC Masters Nationals 2006

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Shawn Blackburn (over-60 lightweight,
1st place & overall winner of the
60s, qualifying for a pro card)
  Jim Aranda (over-60 lightweight,
2nd place)
  Robert Drapkin (over-60 lightweight, 3rd


Stan Ottoman (over-60 lightweight, 4th place)   Richard Swedish (over-60 lightweight, 5th place)


Dean Tait (over-60 lightweight, 6th
  Kenneth Schapin (over-60
lightweight, 7th place)


Lightweights: 7 total (up to 176 1/4 lbs.) 

Shawn Blackburn  I called him Joe Ladnier Senior, because he had the same bulletheaded look.  Strong abs and pecs.  He had a slow, deliberate routine.  1st place, and overall 60s winner, earning a pro card.

Jim Aranda  Tight shape, a bantamweight.  Compact and conditioned, with some pecs, and posed well.  2nd place

Robert Drapkin  Another bantamweight.  Wiry build, tight and in shape.  3rd place

Stan Ottoman  Tight build, with abs.  I had him higher.  4th place

Richard Swedish  Had arms, abs, and nice posing.  5th place

Dean Tait  Tight build.  6th place

Kenneth Schapin  Had pecs.  7th place

Over-60 Lightweight Overall Finals (from left: Swedish, Drapkin, Blackburn, Aranda, Ottoman)


George Williams (over-60
heavyweights, 1st place)
  David Van Til (over-60 heavyweight, 2nd
  Richard Cutter (over-60
heavyweight, 3rd place)


Irving Craiger (over-60 heavyweight, 4th place)

Heavyweights: 4 total

George Williams  Has a strong upper body, solid arms, V back, shoulders, abs and traps.  Posing could sharpen.  1st place

David Van Til  Tight, with good arms, abs and upper-body lines.  2nd place

Richard Cutter  Tight and compact, with pecs.  3rd place

Irving Craiger  4th place

Over-60 heavyweight finals (top five, from left: Craiger, Williams, Van Til, Cutter)

Over-60 Overall

Over-60 Overall finals (left to right: Williams, Blackburn) Blackburn won and qualified for a pro card.


Karl Marshall (over-70, 1st
place & overall 70s winner)
  William Alston (over-70,
2nd place)
  Joseph Lazzaro (over-70, 3rd place)


James Shaffer (over-70, 4th place)   Gordon Bobell (over-70, 5th place)



Karl Marshall  He's owned this division since '03.  A shameless ham who'll do anything for an audience reaction, shaking his booty, bouncing his pecs and anything else he can bounce.  1st place and division winner.

William Alston  He's won the Southern States over-70 show for the last three years.  Has some skin tone and can pose.  2nd place

Joseph Lazzaro  3rd place

James Shaffer  4th place

Gordon Bobell  5th place

Over-70 Overall finals (left to right: Bobell, Marshall, Shaffer, Alston, Lazaro)

Mike Emery

July 2006

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