NPC Collegiate Nationals, 2006, Pittsburgh

This contest hosted twenty-three male competitors in 2006, and could use more onstage. Some crossed over from the Teen Nationals, competing in both. When that happens, the judges score the competitor once in the prejudging, and only bring him back onstage for comparisons in the other contest. He does his evening routine during the teens, and is brought on again if he's in the top five of his class in the collegiates. A small collegiate figure contest also was held, won by Ali Huston. 

The Collegiate Nationals judging took place on Saturday morning (and early afternoon), July 22nd, at the Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square ballroom. All teen and collegiate competitors, as well as all female competitors in all contests, were judged at this point. It was a very long affair, since so many women entered this year (encouraged by the availability of pro cards to winners). Some of the collegiates had to hold their prejudging condition for six hours before going onstage, and I overheard a few complaints about it. The pacing will no doubt improve next year. 

Mike Emery
September 2006

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Bantamweights, Lightweights, Welterweights :
4 total

Collegiate Bantam, Lightweight, and Welterweight classes in one group.

Steve Peterson 1st place, Bantamweights
(only one in category).
  Paul Aigbirior 1st place, Lightweights


Josh Sizemore, 2nd place Lightweights.   Josh Belfiore, 1st place, Welterweights.


Only four entered these three weight classes, so they were brought out together for comparisons. Class winners in each category were maintained for the final posedown.

Steve Peterson (Bantam) A good poser (he does the splits) who has the guns. Crossed to the teen bantams. 1st place by default.

Paul Aigbirior (Light) A well-conditioned athlete with a good back, abs, and tight waist. Poses well and has a smile for the audience. 1st place and deserved it.

Josh Sizemore (Light) A deliberate, slow poser with nice arms. 2nd place.

Josh Belfiore (Welter) He had it all: solidity, size, sharpness in all body parts, good posing, a nice smile. Excellent arms. A threat if he can get bigger. 1st place by default.

Middleweights :
5 total

Middleweights in compulsory poses.

Joe Guarino, 1st place, Middleweights   Josh Burford,
2nd place, Middleweights


Adam Reich
3rd place, Middleweights
  Casey Fathi
4th place, Middleweights
  Tony Schumacher--5th place
(of 5) Middleweights


Joe Guarino He hits basic poses hard, and brings a quality body to the stage. Back and crab shots are standouts. Completely into it. Will go far. 1st place.

Josh Burford Solid overall, strong in triceps, back, abs. Good poser, but his smile is more of a grimace. 2nd place.

Adam Reich Has size and a tight waist, excellent striations on his torso. Fluid poser and a nice smile. He's going up. 3rd place.

Casey Fathi Solid in legs and glutes, a nice smile, veiny biceps. His routine could move beyond the compulsories. 4th place.

Tony Schumacher His posing is pretty good. 5th place. 

Trophy presentation for Middleweight class.

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