NPC Collegiate Nationals, 2006, Pittsburgh
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Light-Heavyweights :
7 total

Compulsory posing, Light-heavyweight class.

Will Allison
1st place, Light-heavyweights.
Marc Sanzari
2nd place, Light-heavyweights.


Nathan Hater
3rd place, Light-heavyweights.
Chris Secash
4th place, Light-heavyweights.
Daniel Young
5th place, Light-heavyweights.


Marcus Hardaway 6th
place, Light-heavyweights.
  Kenneth Young
7th place, Light-heavyweights.


Will Allison A bruiser who has it all. Moves every body part during his routine. Strong everywhere, but especially abs, triceps, and has a great crab pose. Terrific. 1st place.

Marc Sanzari Dramatic poser with solid arms, quads, arms, and glutes. Could have more thickness. Very promising. 2nd place.

Nathan Hater Excellent arms, quads and shoulders, with a strong back double biceps pose. Posing is basic, never smiles. 3rd place.

Chris Secash Nice front torso, good abs, gives it all he's got. 4th place.

Daniel Young Has tightness, good shoulders and pecs. Grins onstage, enjoys himself. 5th place.

Marcus Hardaway 6th place.

Kenneth Young 7th place.

Winners' congratulations after trophy presentations.

6 total

Dan Puckett 1st place, Heavyweights.
Mike Grossi
2nd place, Heavyweights.
  Jonathan Huie
3rd place, Heavyweights.


Justin Stackhouse
4th place, Heavyweights.
  Paul DeSimone
5th place, Heavyweights.
Jacob Harvison
6th place, Heavyweights.


Dan Puckett A new Blond Bomber in our midst. Has it all: abs, quads, arms, V back, shoulders, striations, the works. Excellent poser, clearly on his way up. 1st place. 

Mike Grossi Thick, solid, and tight. Has triceps, legs, a nice crab shot. Could smile and speed up his posing. 2nd place.

Jonathan Huie Solid, especially arms. Has that "Stay Hungry" onstage look. Needs thickness and conditioning. Excellent poser. 3rd place. 

Justin Stackhouse Solid, with a good routine (rolls his abs, does a nice crab and splits at the end). Integrated build with a nice look and smile. Could be harder. 4th place.

Paul DeSimone Has thickness and lines, solid arms, and poses well. Needs better conditioning. 5th place.

Jacob Harvison A fitness build. Has some biceps and a nice smile. Poses to Trace Adkins's song, "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." 6th place.

1 total

Mike Rice--1st place, Super-heavyweights (by default)

Mike Rice A beast who has it all; the possible reincarnation of Don Youngblood. 'Nuff said. 

Collegiate Nationals Overall

Mike Rice--1st place, Collegiate Super-heavies (by default)
& Overall Collegiate Nationals winner.

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