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2004 NPC Masters Nationals, Pittsburgh


The 2004 NPC Masters Nationals Championships were held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 23-24, at the Sheraton-Station Square Hotel.  Gary Udit promoted and MC'd the show.  This competition took place in conjunction with several others -- including the Teen Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, Collegiate and Masters Women's Figure Nationals, and Teen Women's Fitness Nationals.  The Masters Nationals prejudging took place on Friday, July 23; all other contest categories were prejudged on Saturday morning and afternoon.  The evening show involved over 250 competitors.  Udit deserves credit for pacing the event briskly and efficiently.  It began on time at 6:00 p.m, ending before midnight.  There were no breaks, no guest posers, and no lulls.  The winner of the over-40 Masters Nationals received his IFBB pro card, qualifying him for the Masters Olympia.  A welcome change this year was an additional pro card going to the winner of the over-50 Masters Nationals, again qualifying him for the Masters Olympia.  Before the final posedown of the evening, Udit said that these men were "the best group of class winners we've ever had."  He announced that the show would be held at the same venue about the same time next year. 

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Masters Nationals over-40 bantam class (up to 143 1/4 pounds):

R. D. Noren II (class winner)   R. D. Noren II   James Leslie (2nd place)


Mark Teasley (3rd place)   Neal Grossman (4th place)


Kevin Whatley (5th place)   Salvatore Torres (6th place)

Winners, over-40 Bantamweight division. Torres, out of picture to right..



Masters Nationals over-40 lightweight class (up to 154 1/4 pounds).

Pasquale Grieco (during pre-judging)   Pasquale Grieco (during pre-judging)   Pasquale Grieco (class winner)


Jim King (2nd place)   Phil Carman (3rd place)   Phil Carman


James Hemminger (4th place, crossover from
over-50 division)
  Dave Yeloushan (5th place)   Tres Bennett (did not place)


Winners, over-40 lightweight category



Masters Nationals over-40 middleweight class (up to 176 1/4 pounds):

Bryce Lewis (class winner)   Bryce Lewis


Kevin Creeden (2nd place)   Anthony Moore (3rd place)   Albert Smock (4th place)


Elias Raymundo (5th place)   Elias Raymundo   Brian Thompson (did not place)

Winners, over-40 middleweight division


Masters Nationals over-40 light-heavyweights (up to 198 1/4 pounds):

Lance Johnson (class winner)   Lance Johnson   Lance Johnson


Danny Wiegand (2nd place)   Danny Wiegand (2nd place)   Tim DiPietro (3rd place)


George Giraldo (4th place)   Mike DeMarco (5th place)   Mike DeMarco


Ed Myska (did not place)   Hugh Ross (did not place)

Lance Johnson, on hearing that his nearest competitor Danny Weigand took second place.

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