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2005 NPC Teen, Collegiate, and Masters National Championships, Pittsburgh

The 2005 NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters National Championships were held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 22-23, at the Sheraton-Station Square Hotel.  As usual, Gary Udit promoted and MC'd the show.  Major sponsors included Flex magazine, ABB/Optimum Nutrition, Vyotech, Worldwide Nutrition, and Twinlab.  The turnout of competitors was huge: 325 all told.  The increase occurred for several reasons:  more Collegiate men competed than usual; and more women showed up because of the new IFBB pro card offered to the women's Masters bodybuilding winner, as well as increased interest in the Masters women's Figure over 35 competition.  As usual, Masters men's prejudging took place on Friday evening; all other categories were judged starting at 9:00 a.m. Saturday.  The evening show began on time at 6:00 p.m, ending after midnight because of the sheer number of competitors.  The men who won the over-40 and over-50 overall (Chuck Sanow and Abdul Sharif) are qualified to compete in IFBB Masters shows, and can be approved for other IFBB shows as well.  No women's Pro Masters show yet exists, so the winner (Robin Parker) is qualified for IFBB women's shows.  Udit announced that next year's show will be at the same venue on July 21-22, 2006.   

Masters heavyweights from left: Gus Carter, John Cutri, Chuck Sanow, Doug Wentz

Top five in each class (unless class had under five competitors)

Masters Nationals--Men over 40 (six classes)

Bantamweights   Lightweights   Middleweights
1) Michael Sandifer
2) Vince Musa
3) Neal Grossman
4) Barry Morris
5) Joseph Harrison
  1) Sigge Malkvist
2) Jim King
3) James Hemminger
  1) Stoil Stoilov
2) Julio Del Rio
3) Tres Bennett
4) Marshall Hobbs
5) Elias Raymundo
Light-Heavyweights   Heavyweights   Super-Heavyweights
1) Nathan Wonsley
2) Lance Johnson
3) T J Hewitt
4) Darin Page
5) Mike DeMarco
  1) Chuck Sanow
(overall winner,
awarded IFBB pro card)

2) John Cutri
3) Gus Carter
4) Doug Wentz
5) Marc Sangiuliano
  1) Rodney Davis
2) Marcus Hudson
3) Doug Dolphin
4) Gus Malliarodakis
5) Mike Horn

Masters Nationals--Men over 50 (four classes)

Lightweights   Middleweights   Light-Heavyweights   Heavyweights
1) John Case
2) Sigge Malkvist
3) James Hemminger
4) Thomas Armstrong
5) Neal Grossman
  1) Greg Tuck
2) Floyd Pennington
3) Robert Caltabiano
4) Frank Peraino
5) Larry Herron
  1) Abdul Sharif
(overall 50s winner,
awarded IFBB pro card)

2) James Jerris
3) Ron Cetovick
4) Quin Kessler
5) James Hampton
  1) Leonard Crabtree
2) Jack Friend
3) Charles Urrego
4) Warren Honeycutt
5) Paul Lanzino

Masters Nationals--Men over 60 (two classes)

Lightweights     Heavyweights
1) Steve Langham
2) Richard Swedish
3) Walt Radke
4) Paul Grammer
    1) Charles Urrego
(overall 60s winner)
2) Geno Johnson
3) Carl Silvani
4) Peter McManus
5) Gary Tanner

Masters Nationals--Men over 70 (one class)

1) Karl Marshall
2) Joe Lazzaro
3) William Alston
4) Bill Frost
5) John Pasco

Collegiate Nationals (five classes)

Lightweights   Middleweights   Light-Heavyweights   Heavyweights   Super-Heavyweights
1) Mace Oropeza
2) Lenny Giardelli
  1) Christopher Smith
2) Casey Fathi
3) Eric Whitlow
4) Michael McCarthy
5) Matthew Minuth
  1) Brandon Curry
(overall winner,
Collegiate Nationals)

2) Frank Yeigh
3) Chris Morse
4) Will Allison
5) Philip Bordelan

  1) Mo Elbasouni
2) Joey Gloor
3) Steven Kuclo
4) Justin Hazlett
5) Mark Russell
  1) Michael Wright
(lone competitor)

Teen Nationals (five classes)

Bantamweights   Lightweights   Middleweights   Light-Heavyweights   Heavyweights
1) Adam Kase
(lone competitor)
  1) Wes Anderson
2) Paul Knight
3) Arin Canecchio
  1) Eric Whitlow
2) Shane Giese
3) Adam Reich
4) Kyle Avey
5) Sage Watson
  1) Gerald Williams
(Overall winner,
Teen Nationals)

2) Brian Harris
3) Alex Jimenez
4) Andrew Paterson
5) Matt Claussen

  1) Steven Kuclo
2) Matt Burzacott
3) Trey Brewer
4) Ryan Ward


Masters Nationals Class Winners

John Case, winnerof the
Masters 50s lightweights.
  Leonard Crabtree won the Masters 50s
  Brandon Curry won the Collegiate Nationals
Light-Heavyweights, and was the overall
Collegiate winner.

Rodney Davis won the Masters 40s
Super-Heavyweight class.
  Steve Langham won the Masters 60s Lightweights.

Sigge Malkvist won the Masters 40s lightweights,
crossing from the 50s.
  Karl Marshall won
the Masters over 70s.
  Michael Sandifer won the
Masters Nationals 40s,


Chuck Sanow won the Masters 40s heavyweights,
and overall contest for an IFBB pro card.
  Abdul Sharif won the Masters
Light-Heavyweights & overall
50s winner, awarded an IFBB
pro card.


Stoil Stoilov won the Masters 40s
  Greg Tuck won the Masters 50s
  Charles Urrego won the Masters
60s Heavyweights & overall 60s


  Nathan Wonsley won the Masters Nationals 40s Light-Heavyweights.


Additional Masters Competitors

Marshall Hobbs placed fourth in the over 40 Middleweights.   Lance Johnson, second-place winner in the over 40 Light-Heavyweights
after Nathan Wonsley.


T J Hewitt, third place winner in the over 40 Light-Heavyweights.   Sammy Segarra, Light-Heavyweight competitor, did not place within
the top five.


John Cutri came in second place
in the over 40 Heavyweights,
after overall winner Chuck Sanow.
  Gus Carter, third place winner, over 40
  Marcus Hudson, second-place
winner, over 40 Super-


John Case, First place, over 50 Lightweights.

Teen and Collegiate Competitors

Steven Kuclo took first place in the Teen Nationals Heavyweight class, and third in the Heavyweight
Collegiate Division.

Gerald Williams won the Light-
Heavyweight class, and overall winner,
Teen Nationals.
  Matt Burzacott took second place in
the Teen Heavyweights.


Trey Brewer, third place in the Heavyweight
Teen division.
  Chris Morse was third ranked Collegiate

Official results and scorecards, all contests at this venue;