Bodybuilding Reviews

Wayne Gallasch; A Tribute
by Steve Buccilli

Wayne Gallasch has been involved with our sport for several generations, going back to the mid '60s. It is fair to say that this man has lived a charmed life (one that he has worked extremely hard for), and has seen about everything in bodybuilding--from Arnold’s last Universe win in London, to many IFBB pro shows in many different countries. His contributions to the sport exceed that of any other BB filmmaker, with perhaps the exception of George Butler. When Wayne became aware that I would be attending this year's Arnold, he asked me to stop by and see him.

While Wayne was filming the women’s events, I was able to introduce myself. He was very busy, so I left him to his work. I did manage to speak with him, and his lovely wife Tina, along with their son Sean, after the show. These are great people. They love the sport and love what they do. They're tireless workers in an industry in which they fight very hard for every opportunity they get. The impression that I got from Wayne is that this is a true labor of love for him and his family. Meeting him, Tina, and Sean was the highlight of my trip. I only wish I could have spent more time with Wayne, but I had to return home on Saturday.

The highlight of the Arnold this year for me was meeting Wayne. So to Wayne, I thank you for your time and generosity. You are a true gentleman, and a credit to our sport.

 Steve Buccilli

March 2006