Tribute to
Wayne Gallasch

"GMV" stands for Gallasch Muscle Videos.  The story of Australian bodybuilder Wayne Gallasch goes back to the 1960s, when he started manufacturing a protein supplement because he and his friends needed it and none was available down under.  This direction led him into professional work in gyms.  He started filming shows and individual bodybuilders with his own Super 8 camera soon after, and was selling 8 mm film and photos of the best BBs of the era, from Zane, Oliva and Schwarzenegger in the early '70s, to Mike Mentzer in the late '70s. The business grew until he devoted himself to it full time.  In the early 1980s, Wayne embraced the VCR era by transferring his earlier films to videocassette format; he then dropped selling photographs, but some are now available for viewing on his online site.  Best of all, he has kept his entire backlog of material available, with a staggering array of filmed interview profiles, contest coverage, and special posing done for his camera.  Wayne has maintained coverage of European and American pro contests, and documents women's bodybuilding as well.  He has a gift for image composition that makes BBs look their best.  Indefatigable in his willingness to get to where bodybuilding happens, Wayne travels to virtually all major world contests, expos, and trade fairs, where newcomers to professionals show their stuff.  No one has done more to maintain a visual record of who was and is who in the world of bodybuilding.