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  Repetrope Productions
  1998 NPC Nationals pumproom, and backstage posing, Atlanta
(updated, with pic)
1998 Mr. USA backstage posing, Las Vegas
1998 Masters Nationals Pittsburgh
1998 Teen/Collegiate Pittsburgh
1999 NPC Nationals Orlando
1999 Masters Nationals Pittsburgh
2000 USA championships backstage part 1 (updated, with pic)
"Rep" series, Rep 1 - 5
Personal workout series

Repetrope is the brainchild of a gifted videographer and entrepreneur named Dan Traugott.  Operating out of the Tampa Bay, Florida, area in 1998, Dan started out with the first Rep video series, which condensed backstage men's bodybuilding video, along with stage appearances and gym workouts, into a sharply edited presentation of several Florida bodybuilding contests.  He expanded that year to some of the national NPC shows, and by 1999 was doing comprehensive video coverage of top NPC shows like the Nationals.  Right now Dan has the market covered for top American amateur men's bodybuilding.  No other American videographer comes close to his professionalism and comprehensiveness.  The Repetrope backstage posing videos, in fact, have pioneered a new genre of bodybuilding presentation.  In an era when men's bodybuilding has lost significant media coverage, Repetrope has filled a gap and helped many first-class BBs gain greater recognition.  That's why I say that for American men on the cusp of professional BB careers, Repetrope not only sets the standard -- it is the standard.

Note: Many Repetrope videos now available in DVD format. Check website for details