Tony Monchinski 
Making a Buck in Bodybuilding
  Musclemag International  March 2004 issue.  Pages 105-111.

Page 111:

Not everyone involved in bodybuilding expects to cash in on from it.  Gerry Triano is an accounting manager with a New York publisher.  He is also something of a posing guru.  "I help a lot of guys through my Web page [located at] and through e-mail," says Gerry.  This assistance I provide is entirely gratis.  I never charge anybody."  Gerry doesn't sound like he fits the sponge image.  His motivation comes from a love of the sport.  "Presentation is an important part of bodybuilding," Gerry says, a part that is often neglected.  "Unless you're clearly the best, a bad presentation is going to hurt.  I think you should at least know how to present yourself in a favorable light.  Even practicing the turns in the compulsories is extremely important.  You can do tricks in the quarter turns to help your symmetry that some people don't even do.  A lot of little tricks that can be done add up."

Unlike the scrubs Paul [a well-known personality in the iron game who wishes to remain unidentified] mentions, Gerry is an altruistic individual.  He gave Mike Morris and Bruce Patterson some advice before the 2003 NOC.  "They are very good free posers without my help, but I gave them advice on tweaking the mandatories and looking the best they can in prejudging.  Most of the guys I work with aren't well known.  They're just starting out: Rob Colacino in Connecticut and Heath Morin from Rhode Island, for example, are national-level competitors [early in their careers]."