Titans (Part II): The Blade (Dexter Jackson)

a review by
Steve Buccilli

Titans (Part II): The Blade
(Dexter Jackson)
A Muscletime Production
DVD format, 110 minutes
Issued in 2005



I've always appreciated Dexter Jackson, but was never a big fan of his until last year. Oh sure, Dex always showed up ripped and ready, but to me was kinda small. For that reason I've always wondered, "What can this guy offer in the way of inspiration?" 
His new DVD shows what he has to offer -- Dexter is now a freak! Huge arms, and delts from another planet. Quads so thick and with such great shape. I remember reading that from the side, Sergio Oliva's thighs had such detail that they appeared to be carved by a sword. Dexter’s thighs from the side look etched by a laser. His back, which many people have complained is too high, is awe inspiring. Some say he has high lats -- big deal. His upper back is so jammed with muscle, the skin can hardly contain itself. 
Not to mention Dexter’s workouts are intense and heavy. Dexter just isn't a genetic freak, he's one hardass hardcore trainer. Heavy deadlifts and T-bar rows, 405+ flat benches, outragous delts with dumbbell presses, etc. At one point he is sitting down facing the camera head on in a tank top, and his upper body doesn't look real. He’s super thick, round and wide. 
This DVD showcases a full body workout and shows off Dexeter extremely well. Dex is ready for prime time, and frequently poses after his workouts to show you his physique. 
We also see Dex during a photoshoot in Las Vegas, and appearing at Shawn Ray’s seminar. 
This DVD showcases Dexter in phenomenal shape, ripped and ready for the 2004 Mr. Olympia, where he placed 4th (he should have been higher). All in all, it’s a great DVD, with everything a fan of Dexter’s could want. It should make him some new fans as well.  
Steve Buccilli

February 2008