Bodybuilder's Reality Series: Volume 3

Issued March 2006

I just picked up the latest installment of the Lee Priest Reality DVD series. Volume 3 was filmed roughly 4-6 weeks out from the 2006 Ironman and Arnold Classic. This installment picks up a little after where Volume 2 leaves off.

The body part trained in this installment is legs. Yeah! Priest's legs have always been impressive, and I couldn't wait to see some of his legendary training intensity. Well, it’s a different leg workout than we have come to expect from Lee. It starts out with him doing walking lunges in the aerobics room. After walking the length of the floor (and by the way, Lee goes deeper than most, almost touching his knee to the floor), he does a set of squats just to squeeze out more of a pump. Next up are leg extensions, followed by one-legged squats. This is Lee’s first leg workout of the day. We don’t see the heavy one, in which he squats. This early workout was geared more to bring out the glutes and hams. The best part of the workout is Lee’s rant about American politics and gas prices. Here Lee veers off the common path of other bodybuilding DVDs, ranting about the Iraqi war, gas prices, taxes, the American people, and anything else that comes to mind. Not only do you get a good laugh, you realize that Lee has opinions on just about anything, which he expresses in an articulate manner.

Next we get footage of Lee complaining about his plane flight into California for a NHRA race. This too is a funny story. That’s followed by footage of an actual race -- several races, in fact. In one we see Lee get a great start in his car, and in another we see him start late but still win it. Then we get an explanation of the races by his crew chief and coaches. It's very interesting exploring Lee Priest's racing world.

The final segments have Lee meeting with Mike Uretz (Joe Gold's attorney) and Eddie Giuliani (Arnold’s old friend). We also see a meal at the Firehouse restaurant, and even get to see the coveted but rather cheaply printed IFBB pro card. The Krispie Kreme card Lee has looks more professional than the IFBB card does!

Lastly we see a scene with Lee's training partner and his partner's female companion, and then see Adella eating while Lee lounges on the bed as they watch either volume 1 or 2 of this DVD series.

All in all, this is another great installment of the series. As usual, we get a real-life look at Lee Priest. It's great to see what makes him tick. A monthly series like this gives us a chance to see what a person in his position goes through, and tells us more about the lives of seasoned bodybuilding pros -- how hard they really train, and the trials they go through, such as Lee’s sore elbow.

If you like Lee, you will love this DVD. You’ll enjoy watching it, as I did. I just wish we could have had more posing. Other than that, I loved it.

Steve Buccilli
April 2006