Titans (Part III): Victor Martinez

a review by
Steve Buccilli


Titans (Part III): Victor Martinez
A Muscletime Production
DVD format
125 minutes in length
Issued in 2005
Availability: http://www.titansdvd.com/


What makes this DVD outstanding is Vic himself. He has a different type of physique than we’ve seen before. In a shirt he looks huge, with outstanding delts and wide lats. When the shirt comes off, you’re impressed with that tiny waist. Vic has the perfect combination of size, freakiness, and aesthetics – he’s a new breed of muscle. His arms are like pythons, yet insert to such tiny joints they don't look real. His back is so wide that you’d think his waist would be thicker, but not so. How Vic got lats so thick on such a tiny waist is beyond me. 

The film was shot after Vic’s 2004 Show of Strength win. I expected some intense workouts with moderate weight, being that the Mr. Olympia was two weeks away. Boy was I wrong. 
The video starts out with a leg workout, filmed at the gym Victor owned at the time. We see him warming up with an unusual exercise, one I've never seen done. He's standing up with one leg in the seated leg extension machine, and he’s pulling his knees up high. This exercise looks like it hits the thighs at a unique angle. Leg extensions are followed by squats in which Vic goes up to 495 lbs!  
We see Vic handle some pretty heavy weights as he goes through a delt workout. He does heavy dumbell presses, and other exercises as well. His back and tricep workout is next. To say the least, Vic’s back is incredible -- huge, wide and thick. You could lose your hand in the middle of his lats. His triceps are equally impressive, big and detailed. His chest work is awe inspiring. We get 405-lb. bench presses, and great detail watching him doing flyes. We also see a bicep workout, watching them swell up doing preacher curls. Before it’s over, the DVD shows Vic doing a full workout for every body part. 
The film comes with great extras. There’s backstage footage at the Show of Strength, comparisons with Darrem Charles, and his evening posing routine at his first major pro win. Finally, we get footage of a photoshoot with Chris Cormier, shot by Per Bernal, that ran in Muscular Development magazine. 
All in all, a great DVD.  
Steve Buccilli

February 2008