Bill Pearl & Dave Draper Seminar DVD

Filmed July 2005
75 minutes in length
Issued by On Target Publications

This is a must see! Two legends of the sport of bodybuilding, Dave Draper and Bill Pearl, have collaborated on a seminar that is informative, educational and entertaining at the same time. This DVD was well filmed and edited, with a documentary feel that gives one the impression of having been there when it was held. This could only have been better if I had actually attended the seminar.

There are some great insights on training philosophies and on the current state of the sport. Bill reveals his passion for training early in the morning. He quips that in his small town in Oregon, the only thing to do at that hour of the morning is train! He has had the same training partner for 53 years. Bill also reveals that he is a vegetarian and won his competitive titles on this type of diet. For over 40 years he has eaten no red meat, fish or fowl. However, his diet does include dairy such as eggs and milk (his main sources of protein).

One thing that struck me was a discussion about the current state of the sport of bodybuilding. Dave wonders how many of the current champs will be around conducting seminars 40 years from now. Bill and Dave also introduce Ed Corney, another legend -- still going strong at 73! Ed is as passionate about the sport as ever, and says he still trains heavy because he can.

This DVD is both motivational and inspirational to view. Thanks to Bill, Dave, Ed and Dave's wife Laree for conducting this historic seminar, and making it available for all to watch. As Roger Ebert would say, "Thumbs up!"

Gerry Triano
May 2006