DVD Review
King Kamali: Back With A Vengeance

King Kamali: Back With A Vengeance
An Anthony Fiore Film
Produced by Ocean Rock Studios
Released in 2006
Reviewer's Rating: comparable to PG-13  
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King Kamali is one of the top pros in the DVD. His evolution in the sport has been documented in Road To Be King and King of Pain, both excellent films in their own right.

Now King goes a step beyond in the very well produced and filmed Back With A Vengeance. It was filmed this past April 2006, about 5 weeks before he competed in the IFBB New York Pro show. King is large and in charge here, and in great condition.

The workout sequences are tremendous, showing how intense King is and how determined he is to succeed in his chosen sport. He does a lunging sequence that is extraordinary. King has always had amazing back development, and his back workout here shows why.

Although King states that he and his wife Barbara value their privacy, he shows viewers around his beautiful home. A photo sequence includes wedding photos of King and Barbara. They make a beautiful couple.

There is also a food sequence set to the song "Food, Glorious Food," which contrasts King's rigorous diet regimen to his friends gorging on McDonald's burgers, Dunkin' Donuts, and pizza. It's clever and humorous. King also goes for deep tissue massage. So much goes into being a champion bodybuilder.

The only problem I had was a prolonged regurgitation sequence about which I will not go into detail. Although the motivation and context is understood, it would have been just as effective filmed from behind at shorter length. Many times, what we don't see is more probing than what we do see. Maybe it hit me harder since I was eating at the time.

Overall, this is a brilliant DVD I recommend to anyone who wants to view an uncompromising and well-filmed bodybuilding documentary (between-meal viewing is recommended). Congratulations to King and all involved.

Gerry Triano
June 2006