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Layne Norton Unleashed:
No-Nonsense Natural Bodybuilding

Reviewed by Mike Pulcinella

Layne Norton Unleashed: No-Nonsense Natural Bodybuilding
Format: DVD
Production:  Paul Glinski and Proedit
Issued: 2008
Promo clip:

I find myself torn between wanting to review this DVD as a videographer and as a fan of bodybuilding. Layne Norton Unleashed excels on both counts. As a videographer, I can appreciate the skill with which it is put together. Though highly polished and professional, this makes no attempt to feel like a "movie." Rather, it is a great example of what I would call a high-energy video.
Quick zooms, active hand-held camera work, and quick cutting all add up to give this DVD an edgy, modern feel. (Think Lost with muscles!) Gym footage is crisp and well lit. Interviews are nicely composed. Music is used tastefully and Layne's voice is clear, whether in interviews or live in the gym. In short, the production by Paul Glinski and Proedit is top notch.

Layne is a natural -- in more ways than one. Not only is he a drug-free IFPA and NGA pro, he is also comfortable and eloquent in front of the camera. Layne walks the walk; that is evident from his physique, as seen in the gym and in contest footage of his win at the NGA Heart of America competition in 2006. However, he can still talk the talk.
And talk he does. There is so much good information about nutrition and training on this DVD that many aspiring bodybuilders may wear out the reverse button on their remote controls: "What did he just say? I gotta write that down!"
When you watch the 35-minute main feature -- packed with great footage and information -- it quickly becomes apparent Layne knows his stuff. He's a graduate student studying muscle protein metabolism, so when Layne talks nutrition, I listen!
Layne's ideas about training are as in-depth and innovative as his nutrition advice. The gym footage is intense and inspiring, all the while infused with Layne's intelligent commentary. Anyone looking to create a program of diet and exercise to build massive muscles would benefit from seeing this DVD. It's like a video textbook on the current state of bodybuilding knowledge.
Although it has a lot of good scientific information, the main feature didn’t have much of a story. Then I clicked on the bonus features and found "Layne vs. Nick Katrichis," a great piece about the rivalry between Norton and a good friend as they train for the same contest. This engaging short video has the same level of expertise as the main feature, and could easily be on ESPN.
It was satisfying to see Layne more relaxed in a video that had a bit of a story to it. Maybe in future DVDs we can get more of a day-in-the-life view of Layne's world – not just what it takes to devote oneself to natural bodybuilding, but how it affects one's life.

The bonus features contain a lot of unedited workout footage for those who want a more relaxed peek into Layne's training style and philosophy. Yet even this footage moves along nicely. A few deleted scenes, including a sometimes funny extended interview at a diner, round out this excellent DVD.

Layne is a smart and personable competitor with a lot of information to impart. While entertaining, this DVD never wanders far from the business at hand: good solid bodybuilding information.

Mike Pulcinella
17 February  2008