Bodybuilder's Reality Series
Steve Buccilli

Bodybuilder's Reality Series
Produced by Bodybuilder's Reality website
2006 monthly subscription series (2nd reviewed)

What? A new Lee Priest DVD? What is Bodybuilder's Reality? Well, Lee came up with a rather novel idea: make a DVD series that comes out once a month, just filming his life as it happens. Hmm.  Interesting.

I first heard of this project through Lee’s Muscular Development column. He wrote that if you subscribe to this series, once a month you'll get a DVD about 60 minutes long. I checked out the site and thought to myself, “I might want to wait.” Others in the industry have tried this and had it fizzle on them. Well, at this year’s Arnold Classic Expo, I was able to pick up the second installment of this series from the man himself (which he signed). When I got home, I plugged the DVD in and watched it.

As Lee promised, this DVD is nothing you'd expect or have seen before. It starts with an arm workout with a substitute training partner for the now famous “Bruce,” who never seems to show up. The back-and-forth banter between these two guys while they work out is pretty funny. Lee has a somewhat dark sense of humor as he comments about the recent scandal of the alleged Ryan-Titus murder case. The workout is somewhat intense, with the use of some pretty heavy weights.  This is not to be purchased just to see Lee training; if you do, you’ll miss the point. Lee is impressive, with huge forearms, biceps and triceps; the interaction between him and the other people in the film, as well as with the cameraman, is pure enjoyment.

After the workout we see Lee at dinner with his partner Adela and friends celebrating her birthday, and then we see Lee showing off his Mustang and some music he likes to listen to. What makes this DVD so enjoyable is its “fly on the wall” look into the life of a top BB pro. I liked it so much, I may just subscribe. I cannot wait to see the progression of these DVDs, as Lee gets closer to the Arnold and other pro shows.

Good job, Lee.  You have turned a fan into a super fan. I cannot wait to see and hear what's next. This DVD series is truly a trendsetter.

Steve Buccilli
March 2006