DVD Review
Pose Like A Pro (with Rusty Jeffers)

Pose Like A Pro (with Rusty Jeffers)
Produced by Francy Jeffers
Price: $40.00 plus postage & handling
Availability: http://www.rustyjeffers.net

This is a DVD no competitor or aspiring competitor should be without. It is among the best instructional DVDs I’ve seen pertaining to bodybuilding.

IFBB Pro Rusty Jeffers is one of the most artistic and athletic posers competing today.

Step by step, Rusty takes us through the proper way to execute the quarter turns, the mandatory poses needed in the prejudge round of a competition, non-mandatory poses, and routine construction. This is the next best thing to actually hiring Rusty for a private consultation. The price is definitely right.

Rusty is a skilled instructor, showing what and what not to do and why. He is personable and has an engaging sense of humor (as especially evidenced by some hilarious outtakes at the end of the film). Rusty is shown with two of his clients who demonstrate what they have learned from him. He knows how to put clients through their paces. One mantra of Rusty’s is to "make it look like you’re on vacation” onstage. Posing is extremely difficult, but the best posers make it look fun and easy.

There is currently nothing quite like this on the market. Gary Udit’s Perfect Posing series is very good for novice competitors, but at the intermediate or upper level, Rusty's DVD fills the bill. Good tips are included on choosing music, choosing poses for a routine, and what to bring to a show. There is also a slide show of Rusty posing at the 2006 Masters Pro World Championships in New York City in April 2006.

The tribute to Rusty’s wife Francy at the close of the DVD is heartwarming. This superlative production is highly recommended.

Gerry Triano

August 2006