Private Audition #19
Terry Photo Productions

"Terry" (75 minutes in, see below)

PRIVATE AUDITION #19 2006 ("The Ultimate Muscle Blooper Video")

A Terry Photo Production, distributed by
Two hours in length, DVD-R Zone 1 (USA/Canada)
In Musclevision , Hi Fi Stereo Surround

"In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes"--Andy Warhol

Many bodybuilders have gotten their few minutes of fame courtesy of Terry Wade, the noted west-coast filmmaker. Terry has raided his video vaults, found a bunch of stuff waiting to be seen, and added some recently filmed guys to the mix for his latest film. All the Private Audition films by Terry that I've seen are fun, and this one is too. Terry calls them "blooper videos" because they're behind-the-scenes shoots in progress as different BB models practicing their lines often get them wrong. The lines in question are the famous Terry Photo IDs: the one-liners Terry asks his models to say for the various films he produces.

The ID tag-lines vary, depending on the theme or motif of the model. A guy in a football jersey asks you to join Terry's team, a lifeguard asks if you want to be rescued by Terry Photo, and so on. Terry needs these IDs, as his films are often shown in gyms or clubs, and most watching don't know who made the films without them. They're his best form of advertising, but they also create the rhythm and style of his films, making them uniquely his. Here's a typical one: "We've got the bulk for the 1990s at Terry Photo." There are many others, one for every occasion.

All told, the film has twenty-five sequences, a few of them duos. The models vary tremendously. Some are contest-ready heavyweights with razor-sharp cuts; some are dancers; some are military 'builders on R&R; some are competitors in off-season shape. Sequences vary from two to ten minutes. Some guys are in their thirties; most are in their twenties. Terry introduces each model with a voiceover when the film shifts to him.

I'll note my faves:

Chris, "our Marine policeman guy," as Terry calls him, is 12:00 in. Chris poses outdoors, and shifts outfits several times.

Tony and Mike (26:00 in) are Marine lifeguards. The interplay is priceless, as they compete for the camera and blow lines Terry asks them to repeat.

Terry (75:00 in) is a black heavyweight competitor in competition shape, posing in front of a movie theater concession stand.

Gary (78:00 in) is an airman who keeps a steady banter up as Terry films him. 

These are the ones I like the best, but there's something for everyone in this film. These guys are relaxed, let their guard down, and their personalities shine through. It's fun to see Terry keeping his standards high in this great film series. It's just fun period.

Mike Emery
December, 2006