Beyond Driven: The Story of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale

a review by
Gerry Triano

Beyond Driven: The Story of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mark Dugdale
A Joel Barham/Nick De Palo Film
Producer:  3G Enterprises, LLC

This is a DVD I highly recommend. Mark Dugdale is a top IFBB professional bodybuilder and athlete who has competed in the Mr. Olympia event. He is also a dedicated husband, father, and business owner whose top priority is family -- first, last, and always. This video is very well filmed and capsulizes the life Mark leads at work, in the gym, and at home.  

The juxtaposition of events is what makes the film so compelling. Mark's hardcore training is shown in contrast to his daughter's loose baby tooth and the acquisition of a family pet. Mark is blessed with his beautiful wife, Christina -- a loving mother, dietitian and cook for the whole family -- as well as an indomitable support system for Mark. She is one amazing lady. The special feature which shows how Christina cooks all the meals (the evening dinner and Mark's next day's meals) is inspirational to watch.  

This film has a documentary feel to it, as it shows Mark and Christina as human beings. After Mark had not placed top 10 in a show in Tampa, Christina is visibly and justifiably upset to the point of questioning what they are doing. The film has a "warts and all" look at two amazing people.  

The DVD includes Mark's road from the 2006 Ironman to the 2008 Tampa Pro. It captures all facets of the sport and its effect on family life. Well done on every level. Highly recommended.  

Gerry Triano
January 2009