Steve Kuclo: Trail to the Teen Nationals

a review by
Gerry Triano

Steve Kuclo at the 2005 Teen Nationals, Pittsburgh.

Filmed July 2004 by Joe Lobell
Format: DVD
Length: 115 minutes
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The word to describe this video is “potential.” At the time of filming, Steve Kuclo was 18 and had "sky's the limit" potential written all over him. Steve had competed successfully in two shows in Michigan, and was training for his first NPC Teen Nationals contest (held in Pittsburgh in July 2004).

Filmmaker Joe Lobell does an outstanding job via interview and workout coverage of capturing not only the potential, but also the personality, intelligence, dedication and determination that Steve possesses to succeed as a bodybuilder. The profile offers a comprehensive look of his approach to contest training – which includes cardio, diet, gym work and posing practice. No doubt about it, this film shows how much goes into a competitive prep.

Steve always had an athletic background, having excelled in baseball, hockey, and more recently football. It was football that got Steve into a gym, and interested him in bodybuilding. Steve knows how hard it is to succeed in a vacuum, and is grateful for everything done for him by his parents, as well as by Mike Bloomquist (owner of the gym where he trains), and Justin Harris (a.k.a. Troponin, his nutritionist and trainer).

The gym segments with Justin and Steve, as well as their posing practice together, are intense and reveal their seriousness as competitors. Steve won the heavyweight class twice at the 2004 and 2005 Teen Nationals. He showed great sportsmanship, admitting the 2005 Teen overall winner (Gerald Williams) was better conditioned. Justin also exudes potential. He is now an in-demand nutritionist and in April 2006 won the super-heavyweight class at the NPC Junior USA.

This DVD demands a sequel to show the progress Steve has made since 2004. For any prospective teen competitor (or an older one), and for any bodybuilding enthusiast, this DVD is a must.

Gerry Triano

October 2006